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A Get Well Kit for When Sick Gets Real
Jessica Fisher
of Life As Mom

A Get Well Kit for When Sick Gets Real

One never plans to get sick, right? We don’t say, “Hey, let’s go ahead and get the flu this week. That could be fun.” No, instead sickness usually catches us unaware. After 18+ years in this parenting gig, I don’t know why it still surprises me. We’ve had kids suffer from the flu on an airplane; we’ve gone to the ER for high fevers on vacation; we’ve scrambled on road trips to find the nearest pharmacy for pain and cold medicines. Heck, I’ve even tried to navigate the French language with unfamiliar medical terms in the hopes of getting my kids some relief.

Sick Support

Sick Hacks

If your couch starts to look like a tissue tree has lost all its leaves when your kids have runny noses, try this sick hack.