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How to Identify “EW” #SickJustGotReal
of Our Kids Mom

How to Identify “EW” #SickJustGotReal

It seems like just about this time every year one of my children comes home with some sort of “ew”. The temperatures are now hitting the 30’s overnight and it’s wet and chilly around here. With the weather getting colder, children are staying inside more and it’s like all these germs start multiplying. I try to teach my children to share, but this is one thing I wish all children would keep to themselves. I’ve taught my children to wash their hands, wash their hands, wash their hands… but no matter what I’ve done to try to stop them from doing or picking up the “ew”-iest things, sick gets real around here. It’s everywhere. It’s at Playdates. Birthday Parties. It’s at School. It’s even on the playground. Case in point, my youngest just recently picked up some “ew” at school and brought it home in the form of a cough that won’t let him rest.

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If your couch starts to look like a tissue tree has lost all its leaves when your kids have runny noses, try this sick hack.