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Tips for Traveling with Sick Kids
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Tips for Traveling with Sick Kids

Every January, we pack up the kids and leave our frozen tundra in the Midwest to warm up for a long weekend in Florida. As our vacation approaches every year, I worry that my kids will be too sick to enjoy themselves (Please tell me that it feels like your kids are sick all winter too!). This year, my worries became reality when Miles came down with a cold the day before our plane was taking off. He was congested, his nose alternated between being runny and stuffy, he was sneezing, and he felt downright yucky. He immediately started crying, because how could he possibly have fun on the beach when he felt like this? Luckily, as part of my partnership with Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, I knew exactly what could help save our winter vacation.

Sick Support

Sick Hacks

If your couch starts to look like a tissue tree has lost all its leaves when your kids have runny noses, try this sick hack.