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What to Stock Your Medicine Cabinet With When Sick Gets Real
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What to Stock Your Medicine Cabinet With When Sick Gets Real

We all know that germs are everywhere and that we can get sick at any time. My kids tend to get sick at the most inopportune times, especially now that school is back in session. “Ew” is everywhere kids are. It’s at playdates. It’s at birthday parties. It’s at school. It’s on the playground. And where there’s “ew,” there’s bound to be a cough, cold, ouch, or ach-”ew” not too far away. Before you know it, no matter what you do to stop your kids from doing the “ew”-iest things, sick gets real. Check out these survey facts about germs.

  • According to a recent “Ew-dentification” survey of nearly 500 school nurses nationwide, commissioned by pediatric brands of the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, more than half of all school nurses (55%) reported that sick begins to spread somewhere between two and four weeks into the school year, while 19% see it as early as one week.
  • Colds were seen as the number one illness in kids during the first month back, according to 41% of school nurses surveyed.
  • They also found that common habits displayed by young children such as nose picking and not washing hands properly is the top cause for germs spreading amongst children at school, according to 69% of nurses surveyed.
  • More than half of school nurses (59%) ranked the classroom as the easiest place to come in contact with germs, followed by the bathroom, school buses, handrails in hallways, and the cafeteria.
  • When it comes to the nurses’ office itself, the top two reasons children go is to ask for medicine or ask to go home.

With 3 kids in the house I have learned to be prepared for any situation. No matter how hard you try your kids are going to get sick. Being stocked up with your sickness essentials before the germs get real can save your sanity, and help your little one feel better much faster. Check out what to stock your medicine cabinet with when sick gets real.

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