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Infants’ and Children's Advil®
Use as directed.

Infants' and Children's Advil® Solutions

When fever or aches and pain from colds or flu have your kids down for the count, trust Infants’ and Children’s Advil® products. Nothing has been proven to reduce fever faster or longer* – up to 8 hours of relief in just one dose. Find the product right for your child.

*Based on reducing fever below 100°F

†Based on labeled dosing over a 24-hour period.

See product label for complete dosing information.


Infants’ Advil<sup>®</sup> Drops
Use as directed.
Infants’ Advil® Drops

For infants 6-23 months, concentrated drops for effective pain and fever relief.

Children’s Advil<sup>®</sup> Suspension
Use as directed.
Children’s Advil® Suspension

For children 2-11 years, unsurpassed
fever relief in 6 great-tasting flavors.

‡Among OTC pain relievers.

Junior Strength Advil Chewables
Use as directed.
Junior Strength Advil Chewables

For children 6-11 years, convenient
way to relieve fever, aches and pains.

Junior Strength Advil Tablets
Use as directed.
Junior Strength Advil Tablets

For children 6-11 years, easy-to-swallow
tablets for pain and fever relief.

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